Department of Justice Guidelines on Security for Domestic Legal Agents: Protected Information and Assets

7. Information Technology (IT) Security

The Department may conduct an assessment or inspection of the legal agent’s IT system that will be used to process, transmit and store Protected government information, to ensure that appropriate safeguarding measures have been established.

The CSO is responsible for identifying if required, an IT corporate security co-coordinator.

8. Security Violations, Breaches and Compromises

All suspected security violations, breaches and compromises of sensitive information and assets in the possession of the legal agent firm, must be recorded and reported immediately to the CSO.

The CSO is responsible for conducting a preliminary inquiry into reported incidents to determine the circumstances. The CSO must notify the Department’s Deputy Departmental Security Officer via the Security Control Centre’s hotline (613-946-9999) within 24 hours from the date of discovery, of all confirmed security violations, breaches and compromises, and must submit a full written report covering the preliminary inquiry and any subsequent investigative results as soon as possible. Any further investigation of breaches or instances of compromise will be coordinated by the Department.

These records must be maintained on file for a period of two years following the incident and must be made available for inspection by the Department as required.

9. Contacts

The CSO, ACSO(s) and/or the Managing Partner shall communicate all security-related matters to the Department by contacting:

Litigation Practice Management Centre
National Litigation Sector
Department of Justice
50 O'Connor Street, 6th Floor
Ottawa, ON K1A 0H8


Facsimile Number: 613-941-5879

Telephone Number: 613-670-6379

All confirmed security violations, breaches and compromises shall be communicated to:

Deputy Departmental Security Officer via
Security Control Centre
Department of Justice

Telephone Number: 613-946-9999

The Litigation Practice Management Centre will notify legal agents if they are required to complete security forms and will forward PDF fillable versions of these forms to legal agents, if and as required:

  • Request for Designated Organization Screening (DOS) Form (DOJ-LASEC 01)
  • Personnel Screening Consent and Authorization Form (TBS 330-23)
  • Security Screening Certificate and Briefing Form (TBS 330-47)
  • Request for Document Safeguarding Capability (DSC) Form – Protected B (DOJ-LASEC 03)
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