Minister of Justice National Youth Justice Policing Award

2007 Winner

Constable Sarah Riddell
York Regional Police

Constable Sarah Riddell

Police Constable Sarah Riddell of the York Regional Police was the recipient of the 2007 Minister of Justice National Youth Justice Award. By working with youth, communities and other police officers in the development of innovative and effective extrajudicial measures and prevention programs, Constable Riddell had taken her position of Youth Coordinator to a whole new level.

As part of an extrajudicial measures program, Constable Riddell developed unique and effective pre-charge referral programs for youth. For example, the police dodge ball program provides referred youth and police officers with a rare opportunity to interact through a sporting activity, while the Toronto Arson Project for Children (TAPP-C) brings fire service and counselling professionals together with families to deal with youth involved in fire-related offences. In addition to programs for youth in conflict with the law, Constable Riddell involved community partners to create programs for at-risk youth and communities in crisis.

Certificate of Distinction

Constable Dwayne Cebryk
RCMP Selkirk Detachment - Selkirk Team for At - Risk Teens (S.T.A.R.T.)

Constable Dwayne Cebryk

Previous Winners

The Minister of Justice National Youth Justice Policing Award was established in 2000. Here are the previous award recipients:

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