Judicial Discipline Process Reform

The Department of Justice's online consultation to seek public input on the federal judicial discipline process closed August 31, 2016. Thank you to all who shared their views.

The federal judicial discipline process provides a means for determining whether allegations of misconduct on the part of a federally-appointed judge are well-founded, and, if so, how best to remedy the misconduct with a view to preserving public confidence in the judiciary and the judicial system, including by removing the judge from office where appropriate.

Recent investigations and inquiries into allegations of judicial misconduct have been marked by significant increases in costs and delays, which has prompted numerous calls for reform of the discipline process.

In order to help identify what legislative amendments and other changes are needed to ensure that the process continues to fulfill its essential functions, a discussion paper canvassing options for process reform has been prepared. All interested members of the public are invited to review and comment on the paper, which is available here: Possibilities for Further Reform of the Federal Judicial Discipline Process (PDF Version)


Comments should, if possible, take the form of answers to one or more of the questions raised in the discussion paper. Please note that only comments pertaining directly to judicial discipline process reform will be considered. Complaints about a judge's conduct should be directed to the Canadian Judicial Council. All comments must be received by August 31, 2016.

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