Bijural Terminology Records

Common Law

personal property

Civil Law

movable property

Title of the Legislative Text

Canadian Centre for Management Development Act, S.C. 1991, c. 16


 5. (1) In carrying out its objects, the Centre … may

  • (a) procure, manage, maintain and operate programs and facilities, other than immovable property, for management development;

Only civil law terminology is used in both the French (biens mobiliers) and English ("other than immovable property" ) versions. The use of different categories of property in the two linguistic versions adds to this problem.


In the French version, the term biens mobiliers is replaced by des meubles et des biens personnels in order to reflect both civil law and common law. In the English version, the phrase "other than immovable property" is replaced by "personal and movable property" in order to reflect both common law and civil law.

Harmonized Provision

 5. (1) In carrying out its objects, the Centre … may

  • (a) acquire, manage, maintain, design and operate programs for management development and acquire personal and movable property;

Federal Law-Civil Law Harmonization Act, No. 1, S.C. 2001, c. 4, s. 68(1)

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