Find information about an enforcement action against someone other than yourself

Search Request and Consent Form

(to obtain information contained in the Family orders and Agreements Enforcement Assistance (FOAEA) Unit database about someone other than yourself)

Use this form to ask for information about someone other than yourself who is named as a debtor in a FOAEA application.   If you are looking for information about yourself, you must use the search request form (for information about yourself contained in the FOAEA Unit database) or call 1-800-267-7777.  If you are seeking general information, visit the Department of Justice’s Family Law website at: Department of Justice.


  1. The information you provide must be accurate.  (Do not add an estimated date or uncertain information.)
  2. Please type or print when you fill in the form.
  3. You need the signed consent of the debtor you are enquiring about, or, if the debtor is deceased, you need the signed consent of the administrator or executor of the debtor’s estate unless you are applying on behalf of an investigative body listed in Annex II of the Privacy Regulations, SOR/83-508 (  (There is a space at the end of this form for the person to sign to provide consent.)
  4. Return the completed and signed form to: Family Orders and Agreements Enforcement Assistance Unit, Family Law Assistance Services, Department of Justice Canada, 284 Wellington Street, Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0H8.

Information about you

Your Name:

(First name)

(Last name)

If applicable, your title and the name of your organization/ institution


(Mailing address, Street, City and Province)

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Telephone (day):

Information about the debtor

Debtor name :

(First name):

(Second name):


Current address of the debtor: 

Date of birth of the debtor: (yyyy/mm/dd)

FOAEA reference number (where available):

Social insurance  number of the debtor:

Maintenance Enforcement Program (MEP) file number (where available):

What information are you requesting

(please check all boxes that apply)

  • ☐ 1. FOAEA reference number
  • ☐ 2. Status of the file
    • ☐ a. Garnishment application
    • ☐ b. Licence denial application
  • ☐ 3. Statement of account
  • ☐ 4. Outstanding balance
    • ☐ a. Periodic amount
    • ☐ b. Arrears owed
  • ☐ Other, please specify

For what purpose and use are you requesting this information? – for example, to administer or enforce a law; for a lawful investigation; to administer or settle an estate, etc.

If you are requesting the information to administer or enforce a law, or to carry out a lawful investigation, please also indicate:

a) the legislative or regulatory provision(s) you are administering, enforcing or conducting an investigation under:

b) the legislative or regulatory authority that allows you to collect this information:

How would you like the FOAEA Unit to respond to this request?

☐ By Phone

☐ In writing sent by regular mail

Your signature



(to be completed and signed by the debtor whose information is being requested or by the executor or administrator of the debtor’s estate if the debtor is deceased and another person is making the request on the executor’s or administrator’s behalf).

The FOAEA database (JUS PPU 125) collects and stores information under the authority of the Family Orders and Agreements Enforcement Assistance Act, R.S.C., 1985, c. 4 (2nd Supp.) ( This information is used to obtain addresses for use by authorized organizations, to comply with legal garnishee summonses served on the Crown and to deny or suspend federal licences. This information is protected, used and disclosed in accordance with the Privacy Act,.R.S.C., 1985, c. P-21 (

The FOAEA Unit has been asked to disclose personal information about you, or about a deceased debtor whose estate you are administering, to the person, institution or organization indicated above.  Under the Privacy Act, the FOAEA Unit cannot disclose this information without your written consent.  It is your choice whether or not to provide consent.  You will not be penalized if you choose not to sign the form.  This consent is valid for this request only.

Consent Statement

I, (Insert first and last name), hereby authorize the Department of Justice Canada to disclose my personal information or the personal information of (Insert first and last name of debtor), of whom I am authorized by law to administer  his/her estate, that is contained in the FOAEA database to the applicant noted above.  Only the information specifically requested in this application is to be disclosed to the applicant.  The applicant may use this information only for the purposes indicated above.  This consent expires on (yyyy/mm/dd). 

Full name of consenting individual (please print)



Full name of witness (print)



For administrative use only

Information disclosed (check all that apply):

  • ☐ 1
  • ☐ 2
    • ☐ 2a)
    • ☐ 2b)
  • ☐ 3
  • ☐ 4
    • ☐ 4a)
    • ☐ 4b)
  • ☐ 5
  • ☐ specify:

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