Inventory of Government-Based Family Justice Services

Family Justice Counsellor Dispute Resolution (British Columbia)

British Columbia

Type of service

Services offered
Mediation and conciliation services are provided to families undergoing separation and divorce. The services can deal with guardianship, parenting arrangements, contact, child support and spousal support. Clients are given information about the rights and responsibilities of parents and their options in these matters. Family Justice Counsellors, who are also Family Mediation Canada certified mediators, provide these services.

In Kelowna, Nanaimo, Vancouver, and Surrey, most parties to a provincial court application must attend a session with a Family Justice Counsellor before they appear before a provincial court judge for the first time. The Family Justice Counsellor performs assessments, provides information, clarifies issues, provides referrals to dispute resolution and other services, and provides case management support to parties.

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Pilot or ongoing service
Ongoing service

Department responsible
Family Justice Services Division, Ministry of Attorney General

How to access this service
You may contact the service yourself, or the court registry, a judge, your lawyer, or a community agency can refer you.

Offered at Family Justice Centres and Justice Access Centres in British Columbia. Please refer to the following Web site for links to an up-to-date list of locations and contact information:

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English. Arrangements can also be made for interpreters.

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There is no charge, but priority is given to low-income families. There is also no charge for mandatory sessions.

Governing legislation/legislative authority
Family Law Act
B.C. Provincial Court (Family) Rules

Contact person(s)
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