Inventory of Government-Based Family Justice Services

Inter-Jurisdictional Support (Northwest Territories)

Northwest Territories

Type of service
Inter-jurisdictional Support

Services offered
The Northwest Territories has reciprocal agreements with all Canadian provinces and territories, and with several foreign countries to recognize each other’s family support (maintenance) laws. The Northwest Territories law about reciprocity is the Interjurisdictional Support Orders Act (ISO). An applicant can ask the court to decide about the financial part of their family relationship, even though the other person resides in a reciprocating jurisdiction.

Pilot or ongoing service
Ongoing service

Department responsible
Department of Justice

How to access this service
If you are a resident of the NWT with no divorce proceedings you may be able to register with the program by contacting the Maintenance Enforcement Program office for application packages and guides. You can complete the application yourself or with a lawyer and then your application must be sent to the Maintenance Enforcement Program office in Yellowknife.

Available throughout the Northwest Territories
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Services are in English and interpreters are available if necessary. The electronic on-line forms are available in French and English.

Information and publications are available at:

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Governing legislation/legislative authority
Interjurisdictional Support Orders Act (PDF)

Maintenance Orders Enforcement Act (PDF)

Contact person(s)
Maintenance Enforcement Office in Yellowknife: (867) 767-9258
Toll free within the NWT: (800) 661-0798

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