Inventory of Government-Based Family Justice Services

Maintenance Enforcement Program (Northwest Territories)

Northwest Territories

Type of service
Support Enforcement

Services offered
Northwest Territories Maintenance Enforcement (MEP) is authorized by the Maintenance Orders Enforcement Act to ensure that people meet their obligation to pay child and spousal support under the terms of their court orders or maintenance agreements. Once an order or agreement has been established, it can then be registered with MEP. Maintenance payments that the payor would normally send directly to the recipient are sent directly to MEP. MEP then makes a record of the payment and forwards it to the recipient within one business day. In cases of non-payment by the debtor, MEP will take steps to enforce collection of the money owed.

Pilot or ongoing service
Ongoing service

Department responsible
Department of Justice

How to access this service
If you are a resident of the NWT, you are eligible to register with the program if you already have a court order or agreement for support. You can register by completing a registration package and returning it along with copies of your maintenance order or agreement to the Maintenance Enforcement Program office. There is no cost for registration or for MEP’s collection services.

Available throughout the Northwest Territories
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Services are available in English and interpreters are available if necessary. Application forms are electronically available in French and English.

Applications for registration are available at Registration Kit.pdf?t1497386863252

Governing legislation/legislative authority
Children’s Law Act (PDF)
Family Law Act (PDF)
Interjurisdictional Support Orders Act (PDF)
Maintenance Orders Enforcement Act (PDF)

Contact person(s)
Maintenance Enforcement Office in Yellowknife:
Toll free within the NWT: 1-800-661-0798

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