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Maintenance Enforcement Program (Nova Scotia)

Nova Scotia

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Support Enforcement

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The Maintenance Enforcement Program is responsible for collecting and enforcing maintenance payments under court orders or agreements registered with the courts.

The Director has a number of powers to help enforce maintenance orders, including the power to:

  • issue garnishments to income sources
  • issue a lien on personal or real property
  • seize bank and investment accounts, including joint accounts
  • seize lottery winnings
  • revoke or suspend provincial licenses such as motor vehicle licences or permits under the Wildlife Act
  • request the federal government to revoke a passport or licenses
  • require a payor to provide information about assets and expenses
  • examine a payor’s financial circumstances.

All maintenance orders made by the courts, including interjurisdictional cases, are filed with the Program for enforcement.

An Infoline provides general information about the Program. This service is available twenty-four hours a day by calling:
(902) 424-0050 (Metro Halifax residents)
1-800-357-9248 (toll-free for residents outside Metro)

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Province of Nova Scotia
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Contact person(s)
Judy Crump Director of MEP
Nova Scotia Department of Justice
PO Box 803, Halifax, NS, B3J 2V2
Telephone: 902-424-8785 or
Fax: 902-424-3894

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