Inventory of Government-Based Family Justice Services

Children's Education Program (Saskatchewan)


Type of service
Services for Children

Services offered
With federal funding, Saskatchewan Justice developed a curriculum for children experiencing their parents' separation or divorce. This curriculum provides facilitators' guides for three age groups: six to nine, nine to twelve, and twelve to sixteen. The materials were developed in conjunction with the community organizations that were interested in the program. Saskatchewan Justice also has a d.v.d. about divorce/separation, which is narrated by children and aimed at the same three age categories.

Pilot or ongoing service
Ongoing service (community based initiative)

Department responsible
Ministry of Justice

How to access this service
To obtain a copy of the curriculum and/or d.v.d.'s, call 1-888-218-2822



The written material is offered free of charge to community groups or agencies throughout the province who wish to offer this program in their home community. For others, there may be a charge of $25 for a DVD that includes all three videos.

Governing legislation/legislative authority
Not applicable

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