Inventory of Government-Based Family Justice Services

Use of Technology in Family Law Matters


Type of service
Use of Technology in Family Law Matters

Services offered

  1. Remote Child Witness utilizing both videoconference codec and closed circuit television technology
  2. Electronic Evidence presentation using VCR/DVD/Notebook in Calgary and specific Courtrooms around the province (Please contact Court Services Help Desk for specific location details)
  3. Use of video conferencing and telephone conference calls on applications and trials to accommodate out-of-town parties when pre-approved by the Court
  4. Video conferencing in family mediation

Pilot or ongoing service
Ongoing, but evolving

Department responsible
Court Services Information Management and Technology Services – Alberta Justice and Solicitor General

How to access this service
Contact Court Administration to access this service and one-month notice is required for the Courts to meet the needs

The Courtroom Audiovisual Request Form can be submitted electronically via the Alberta Courts' Website at to the applicable court location. The Courtroom Audiovisual Request Form must set out details on what equipment is required, i.e. dates, times, type of electronic evidence that will be presented, etc.

Calgary – Remote Child Witness and Electronic Evidence Presentation available in all 74 courtrooms

Edmonton – 3 permanent courtrooms for Remote Child Witness, 2 permanent courtrooms for Electronic Evidence Presentation and portable equipment for Electronic Evidence Presentation is available.
Red Deer – 3 permanent courtrooms for Remote Child Witness; Court Rooms 101, 102 & 201.

In Airdrie, Canmore, Didsbury, Okotoks, Portable videoconferencing is available for Remote Child Witness. Please provide one-month notice to ensure videoconferencing is available for use.
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In situations where an interpreter is required, the arrangements and associated costs are the responsibilities of the party requiring the service.

For Child Protection matters, costs for language interpretation will be covered by Alberta Justice and Solicitor General.

Documents for filing are accepted in the French language as per the Languages Act.


Video Conferencing charges for family matters are usually the responsibility of the party requesting the service.

Governing legislation/legislative authority
Rules which govern the electronic filing of documents (Part 13.41 of the Alberta Rules of Court) and the electronic service of documents (11.21) are applicable to the Court of Queen’s Bench.

Contact person(s)
Court Services Help Desk
Court Technology Services

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