Inventory of Government-Based Family Justice Services

Court Ordered Family Mediation


Type of service
Family Court Services

Services offered
Services provided include mediation to parents who are seeking resolution to child custody or access issues and who have been ordered by the courts to mediation. Parents in the program are ordered by the court to attend up to four joint mediation sessions to address access conflict and develop a parenting plan.

Pilot or ongoing service
Ongoing Service

Department responsible
Ministry of Justice

How to access this service
This program is offered province wide as resources permit. Parties access the services once a court order has been issued. Parents may speak to their legal counsel about making an application to the courts for a referral to mediation. Parents who do not have legal counsel can ask the court directly to make an order to attend mediation.

Province wide.
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Parties may be income tested to determine fees based on a sliding scale of $10/hr to $50/hr per parent.

Governing legislation/legislative authority
Not applicable

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