Inventory of Government-Based Family Justice Services

Use of Technology in Family Law Matters (New Brunswick)

New Brunswick

Type of service
Use of Technology in Family Law Matters

Services offered
The availability and use of the technological aids are for the purposes of the administration of the court and includes: Videoconferencing, Teleconference, Closed Circuit Audio Visual and Electronic evidence presentation.

Pilot or ongoing service

Department responsible
Program Support Services, Department of Justice and Attorney General

How to access this service
Upon direction of the court and consent of the parties.

Videoconferencing for family law matters is currently available in Moncton and will be available in a newly constructed court house facility in Saint John with limited access in other jurisdictions.

Teleconference, closed circuit audio visual and electronic evidence presentation is available in all jurisdictions.
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Both official languages, English and French


Free. Most technology aids/equipment and infrastructure is procured and owned by the New Brunswick Government.

Governing legislation/legislative authority
Rule 37.09, Rules of Court

Contact person(s)
Debbie Locke
Program Support Services
Dept. of Justice and Attorney General

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