Inventory of Government-Based Family Justice Services

International Mediation

Newfoundland and Labrador

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Family Justice Services offers mediation in the following aspects of family law:

  • Custody
  • Access
  • Child support
Mediation Options Include:
  • In-Person mediation – both people meet with a mediator.
  • Shuttle Mediation – people do not meet face to face. Each party has individual contact with the mediator.
  • Telephone – where one or more parties do not live close to a FJS office, the mediator may contact the parties by telephone.
In most mediation cases, a mediator:
  • Contacts both parties
  • Decides on how to proceed with mediation
  • Helps define issues from both perspectives
  • Keeps discussions on track
  • Helps with communication
  • Assists the parties brainstorm and develop options
In mediation, parents can discuss with a neutral third party important concerns regarding their children. Questions they may wish to settle include:
  • With whom will the children live?
  • How much time will each parent spend with the children?
  • How will decision-making regarding the children be handled
  • How much child support is to be paid?
Mediation helps parents clarify issues and work out the details of an agreement that is in the children’s best interests, and acceptable to both parents. It gives parents the power to make their own decisions and settle matters out of court.

International mediation may occur if deemed appropriate.

Pilot or ongoing service

Department responsible
Family Justice Services, Supreme Court of Newfoundland and Labrador

How to access this service
Referrals may come by:

  • A Request for Services form to Family Justice Services
  • Court Application at any court centre in the province.All applications to the Court for custody, access and/or child support are automatically forwarded to FJS

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