Aboriginal Justice Strategy
Annual Report


The Aboriginal Justice Strategy (AJS) is part of the federal response to the recommendations of the 1996 Report of the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples, and to other inquiries across the country that identified a deep alienation from the justice system, and disproportionate rates of crime, victimization and incarceration, among Aboriginal peoples.

The AJS was established in 1996 with a five-year mandate, and was renewed in August 2001 for a second five-year term (to March 2007). The goals of the AJS are:

  • to help Aboriginal people assume greater responsibility for the administration of justice in their communities;
  • to reflect and include Aboriginal values within the Canadian justice system; and
  • over the long-term, together with other justice programs, to contribute to a reduction in rates of crime, victimization and incarceration among Aboriginal people.

The AJS is managed by the Department of Justice Canada’s (DOJ) Aboriginal Justice Directorate (AJD). In collaboration with provincial and territorial counterparts, the AJD pursues the goals of the AJS through policy development and support, community-based justice program funding, training and development funding, self-government negotiations and capacity-building support, and outreach and partnership.

As part of its commitment to Treasury Board, and as outlined in the AJS Results-Based Management and Accountability Framework (RMAF), the AJD is to report annually on its activities. This report highlights key activities during the 2005-06 fiscal year.

The DOJ is committed to being transparent and responsive to the needs of Canadians. It is hoped that this document helps explain the role, purpose and activities of the AJS as it relates to Aboriginal peoples’ involvement in Canada’s justice system.

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