Nunavut Justice Issues: An Annotated Bibliography

Executive Summary

This annotated bibliography brings together voices from across Canada, representing a cross-section of scholars, community justice workers, and government representatives to share some of the key elements that require consideration for community-based justice in the North (specifically in Nunavut).  This collection addresses the Northern environment (social issues, crime and justice issues in the North), lessons learned (the nature and results of community-based justice projects in Canada), the nature of community relationships and the dynamics of community mobilization, as well as the inter-relationships between community-based justice and mainstream justice. 

While the materials indicate that hard and fast answers regarding community-based justice development, implementation, and operation are difficult to present, the literature included in this report does highlight a number of key areas that play a fundamental role in facilitating success in community-based justice programming.  Specifically: 

  • a community-driven approach that has addressed the power dynamics that may operate in the community,
  • a clear articulation of who the community is and how they will participate,
  • a holistic focus that understands and incorporates the role of recreation, health, and housing in crime prevention,
  • supportive linkages between the community-based justice program and the relevant elements of the mainstream justice system, and
  • a clear articulation of the needs of the community, as well as the goals and objectives of the initiative.
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