Nunavut Justice Issues: An Annotated Bibliography

2.  Outline of the Report

The 32 reports and articles contained in this annotated bibliography are intended to provide a snapshot of some of the key issues for community-based justice in the North.  Specifically, in relation to environmental factors and context, past experiences and ‘lessons learned’, issues regarding the relationship between the mainstream Canadian criminal justice system and the community initiative, and the issues surrounding community relationships, involvement, and mobilization.  Considering the large level of overlap that exist within these areas and within the literature that address them, the documents are not separated by theme, but rather are presented in alphabetical order.  To separate them would be to suggest a distinction that simply does not exist. 

For the most part, the annotation for each document addresses the methodology and relevance of the article in relation to Northern community-based justice issues, provides a general overview of the work, and identifies underlying themes or findings as they relate to justice issues in the North.  For more accessibility and conciseness some of these are presented in point form.

Clearly, this report is only an introduction to the existing literature that addresses issues such as these.  Much has been written that is not included in here.  Nevertheless, these voices are a beginning to understanding some of the key issues in the planning, development, and operation of community-based justice initiatives, and being aware of them may facilitate the success of community-justice in the North.

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