Summary of the Inuit Women and the Nunavut Justice System Workshop


This report focuses on three specific components of the criminal justice system in Nunavut—the unified court structure, justices of the peace and community-based justice committees. It presents a snapshot of complex and multi-layered issues in relation to these three components of the justice system and their impact on Inuit women. Real and potential reforms are examined along with their respective strengths and challenges. Other components of the justice system, including policing, corrections and civil law, while important, have not been addressed and the discussion on family law is brief.

Mary Crnkovich noted that both the issues addressed and the analysis used in the report were based on the specific documents and reports provided by the Department of Justice as well as the researchers’ experience working with Inuit women on justice issues. The documents and reports relied upon are listed in Appendix 1 of the report and excerpts of them are presented in Appendix 2. The Appendix 2 excerpts identify or refer to the specific issues or concerns associated with Inuit women and the three components of the Nunavut administration of justice examined in the report.

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