Legal Aid, Courtworker, and Public Legal Education and Information Needs in the Northwest Territories


I would like to thank the following persons for their assistance in providing information, data, logistical support and/or feedback at various points in this study:

Legal Services Board (LSB)

  • Greg Nearing *
  • Kathleen Wheaton
  • Sally Hammer
  • Marissa Modesto*
  • Michelle Arsenault
  • Scott Duke
  • Jane Olson
  • John Lemouel
  • Rose Lamouelle

Government of the Northwest Territories, Department of Justice

  • Paul Bachand (also Acting Executive Director of LSB)
  • Reg Tolton
  • Louise Dundas-Matthews*
  • Bruce McKay
  • Jeff Round
  • Lore-Ann Krysko
  • Janice Laube
  • Ramona Sorenson

Government of the Northwest Territories, Bureau of Statistics

  • David Stewart

Department of Justice Canada

  • Tina Hattem
  • Frances Pennell
  • Grace Brickell
  • Stephanie Dulude

I should also like to acknowledge and thank the 87 individuals who contributed thoughtful responses in interviews lasting up to two and a half hours, as well as the 10 participants in the August 12 focus group in Yellowknife.

Interviewing, logistical support and focus group assistance for Focus Consultants was provided by Doris McCann of Red Willow Consultants in Yellowknife. Other interviewing for Focus Consultants was by Peggie-Ann Kirk, Janet Currie and Tim Roberts.

* These individuals are no longer with the institutions listed.

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