A Review of Research on Criminal Victimization and First Nations, Métis and Inuit Peoples 1990 to 2001

Appendix A - List of Justice Inquiries and Commissions


  • 1989 The Royal Commission on the Donald Marshall Inquiry (Nova Scotia)
  • 1990 The Osnaburgh/Windigo Tribal Council Justice Review (Northern Ontario)
  • 1991 Report of the Aboriginal Justice Inquiry of Manitoba
  • 1991 The Task Force on the Criminal Justice System and its Impact on the Indian and Métis People of Alberta
  • 1991 Policing in Relation to the Blood Tribe (Southern Alberta)
  • 1992 Indian Justice Review Committee and Métis Justice Review Committee (Saskatchewan)
  • 1993 The Caribou Chicoltin Justice Report (Interior British Columbia)
  • 1995 Report and Recommendations of the Advisory Committee on the Administration of Justice in Aboriginal Communities (Quebec)


  • 1990 Indian and Northern Affairs Canada: Indian Policing Policy Review
  • 1991 Correctional Services Canada: Task Force on Federally Sentenced Women
  • 1991 Law Reform Commission of Canada: Aboriginal Peoples and Criminal Justice
  • 1996 Royal Commission On Aboriginal Peoples: Bridging the Cultural Divid
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