Abuse Is Wrong In Any Culture: Inuit

Harms to children

Children who see and hear adults in the family hurting each other can develop many problems that can even change their lives when they grow up. They may:

  • have physical problems like headaches, stomachaches, infections, bedwetting, stuttering, being sick or tired or being hyper
  • have social problems like bullying, lying, blaming, avoiding people or giving up
  • have nightmares or school problems
  • avoid going home, and turn to drugs, solvents and alcohol, cutting themselves or even suicide
  • have relationship problems, as they can grow up believing that it's normal for people to hurt each other.

Children know that violence and abuse is going on, even if you hope they do not.

"We can raise three kinds of children: a fragile egg, a hard stone, or a human being."

Inuit Elder Rhoda Karetak

When you're being abused, it's extra hard to take care of your kids. And they may learn from watching the person who is being abusive that they don't need to respect you.

You may buy your children anything to try to mend their pain, even if it is not good for them and can't help.

Plus, you're so exhausted most of the time, it feels impossible to give them what they need. Encourage your children to reach out and spend time with a relative, Elder or friend who can give them support while you make the necessary changes in your life.

If your kids are also being hurt, get help right away. Child abuse is against the law.

Children must be protected from abuse!

"It's like people have a big hole in their soul."

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