A National Survey of Youth Justice Committees in Canada

4. Jurisdictional Profiles

4. Jurisdictional Profiles

This section consists of a description of the YJC program, as it exists in each of the eight jurisdictions. Qualitative information gathered from in-depth interviews is included in this section.

4.1 Yukon

Although the Yukon has nine justice committees in nine of the 13 outlying “communities” and Whitehorse, none of them are currently designated. Accordingly, they did not qualify for inclusion in this study.

One territorial policy official indicated that there was some interest in designating these committees in the future. The reasons behind the current lack of designation probably arise out of their genesis largely in the adult area; the territory was an early pioneer in the use of “family group conferencing” and circle sentencing for adult offenders. These committees continue to take referrals from the Crown and/or police and provide recommendations and decisions regarding youthful offenders; a few also provide sentencing advice. Many of the committees receive funding to cover part-time coordination for their activities, from federal or territorial funds for First Nations or other justice initiatives.

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