A One-Day Snapshot of Aboriginal Youth in Custody Across Canada

Chapter 1 - Introduction (continued)

1.5 1996 Census Canada Data [1]

Information on the number of youth from the various locations (e.g. specific city, town or reserve) who were in custody on Snapshot day must be considered in light of the total number of youth from these locations. Accordingly, this report includes 1996 Census population data to provide a better sense of the proportion of Aboriginal youth from specific locations who were incarcerated on Snapshot day.

The Census data includes the 12-17 year old Aboriginal population in every community identified by the Snapshot respondents. The 1996 Census defines Aboriginal people as,

...those persons who reported identifying with at least one Aboriginal group, i.e. North American Indian, Métis or Inuit (Eskimo) and/or those who reported being a Treaty Indian or a Registered Indian as defined by the Indian Act of Canada and/or who were members of an Indian Band or First Nation.

[1] The 1996 Census data is the most recent information available from Statistics Canada.

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