Audit of the Justice Canada Emergency Management Program and the Business Continuity Planning Program
May 03, 2013

3.0 Audit Opinion/Overall Conclusion

3.1 We conclude that the departmental governance structure and corporate policy provide overall an effective management control framework for EM and BCP in the Department of Justice.

3.2 EM and BCP are two distinct but linked programs in the Department that come together in a practical way in the JEOC. The EM program is external and strategic, while the BCP program is internal and one of the building blocks in the development of the SEMP. EM is mainly limited to the departmental level and its inter-relationships with other government departments and agencies.

3.3 We did not find significant issues with respect to EM.

3.4 Regarding the BCP program, we found three significant issues – Challenge (Oversight and QA) Function, Consolidated Corporate BCP, and Support to the Regions - that merit senior management attention. These three issues are all connected by a fundamental resourcing issue. We do not think these problems would exist to the same extent if the BCP function was adequately staffed.

3.5 Less significant issues have been raised in a management letter.

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