Audit of the Justice Canada Emergency Management Program and the Business Continuity Planning Program
May 03, 2013

Appendix F - Audit Criteria

The following two high-level lines of enquiry – Governance and Risk Management - and related audit criteria were selected to provide an insightful perspective on the strategic elements of the EM and BCP programs. These were developed in consideration of the risks identified during the planning phase of the audit and were based on guidance from the TBS Core Management Controls: A Guide for Internal Auditors, and the standards/references for EM and BCP at Appendix A.

The results from our audit for each line of enquiry/criteria are presented for the EM and BCP programs respectively, in the right hand column of the chart below. Findings are presented in Section 2 of this report for those elements that are “Partially Met”.

Line of Enquiry Criteria Program Results
Governance 1.0 Appropriate governance structure and corporate policy are in place EM Met
BCP Partially Met
Risk Management 2.0 Risks are identified, assessed and mitigating strategies are in place EM Met
BCP Partially Met
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