Report on the Audit of Timekeeping Compliance – February 2014

Statement of Conformance and Assurance

The Internal Audit Branch has completed the audit of Timekeeping Compliance at the Department of Justice Canada. The objective of the audit was to assess the level of compliance with the National Timekeeping Protocol to establish whether adequate and effective practices have been put in place to enable effective resourcing decisions, priority setting and cost recovery practices.

This audit conforms to the Internal Auditing Standards for the Government of Canada, as supported by the results of the quality assurance and improvement program.

In our professional judgment, sufficient and appropriate audit procedures have been conducted and evidence gathered to support the accuracy of the conclusion provided and contained in this report.

The conclusion is based on a comparison of the conditions, as they existed at the time of the audit, against pre-established audit criteria that were derived from the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat's Audit Criteria related to the Management Accountability Framework: A Tool for Internal Auditors (March 2011).

Original signed by
Cheryl Driscoll CIA, CGAP, CCSA, CRMA, CFE
Chief Audit Executive

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