Report on the Audit of Travel, Hospitality and Conferences – February 2014

3. Conclusion

51. The Department's overall control framework for managing travel, hospitality and conferences poses a medium risk. Improvements recommended in this audit report would strengthen the effectiveness of the control framework for THC.

52. There are effective processes in place to manage the budgetary aspects of THC, and for the period of the audit there were a number of policy instruments in place for travel, hospitality and conferences.

53. Improvements are recommended in the following areas:

  • Development and communication of national policy instruments for THC, including procedures for monitoring and reporting;
  • Clarification of the roles and responsibilities for those involved in THC;
  • Section 34 approval process and Section 33 verification process; and,
  • Development of a departmental change management plan for THC.

Recommended for approval by the Departmental Audit Committee:

Hon. Doug Lewis
F.C.A., Q.C., P.C., L.S.M.
Departmental Audit Committee Chair

Approved by:

William F. Pentney
Deputy Minister

Date modified: