Management Response and Action Plan

Project Title: Access to Justice Services Agreements Evaluation
 Responsibility Centre: Programs Branch
Conclusions Recommendations Management Response Action Plan Responsible Manager(Title) Planned Implementation Date
 Division of reporting requirements

Although the expense and timing of performing an audit present one set of challenges, it should be noted that corresponding delays in submitting program component reporting to Justice Canada are also incurred as a result. Some respondents suggested that a possible remedy to this would be to separate the annual claim into two parts: program information and financial. This measure would ensure that Justice Canada receives most of the statistical information regarding the program services in a timely manner, as territories wait for the completion of audited financial statements.

1. Separate the annual claim reporting requirements into two components: one for the reporting of program and statistical information, and the second for the submission of the financial information and audit. Agreed

The Access to Justice Services Agreements include both financial and program reporting requirements. The Policy Implementation Directorate will identify changes required to separate claim reporting into separate components.

  • Draft revised reporting requirement clauses
  • Seek agreement of territorial officials to implement.
  • Include approved, revised clauses in future Access to Justice Services agreements
Senior Director, Policy Implementation Directorate April 1, 2013
Communications regarding performance measurement

Although Justice Canada is not responsible for the gaps in communications between territorial officials and service delivery agencies, it would be greatly beneficial to the Department if the program reporting and performance measurement requirements were better understood by all parties involved in the delivery of AJA services.

Perhaps one of the underlying causes of the challenges regarding performance measurement and program reporting is a shortcoming in communications. Evaluation interviews revealed that there is a difference in the level of knowledge concerning the AJA reporting requirements between the territorial government officials who sign the agreements and the service delivery agencies which deliver legal aid and ACW and PLEI services.

2. Develop a concise document detailing the reporting requirements for the AJAs, and distribute it to all parties involved in the oversight and delivery of legal aid, ACW and PLEI services. Agreed.

A concise reporting document would ensure a better understanding of program reporting requirements and would also ensure “continuity” within each territory for succession planning purposes.

  • Collaborate with territorial officials to develop a concise document
  • Ensure input from all stakeholders involved in AJA service delivery
Senior Director, Policy Implementation Directorate April 1, 2013
Appropriateness of performance measurement indicators

The current performance indicators for the AJAs are in line with the measures used in the provinces for each of the three program components. However, some territorial and departmental officials question whether these measures can accurately represent the unique circumstances in the North and how legal aid, ACW and PLEI services play out there.

However, caution was also expressed by some that changes to these requirements could be difficult to implement given the capacity challenges that are already faced.

3. In consultation with territorial officials, determine whether unique performance measures – rather than indicators pulled from each of the program components – would better reflect the effectiveness of the AJA funding in the territories, and whether the collection of this data would be feasible. Agreed

Performance indicators will be reviewed to determine if additional measures would better reflect the unique circumstances in the North.

  • Collaborate with territorial officials to review existing performance measures
  • Determine if additional measures would further tax capacity in the territories
  • Review results of these collaborative efforts with the Evaluation Division
Senior Director, Policy Implementation Directorate April 1, 2014
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