Management Response and Action Plan

Project Title: Accountability and Coordination Framework of the Roadmap for Canada’s Linguistic Duality - Justice Canada Component

Responsibility Centre: Official Languages Law Section

Conclusions Recommendations Management Response Action Plan Responsible Manager
Planned Implementation Date

There is some confusion regarding governance of the Official Languages Program and the coordination roles of its various bodies, including the Official Languages Law Section.

1. The OLLS should better communicate its coordination role under the Roadmap.


The OLLS recognizes the importance of providing sufficient information on its coordination role. It will continue in its efforts to make this role even better known.

The OLLS will identify the government stakeholders to whom it should provide additional details regarding its coordination role under the Roadmap 2008-2013.

If required, the OLLS will proceed with this exercise again upon renewal of the official languages strategy following the expiration of the Roadmap 2008-2013.

General Counsel and Director, Official Languages Law Section

December 31st, 2012.

The OLLS provided training in various formats during the period reviewed. In total, it delivered 79 training activities. However, the number of training activities that have been evaluated is limited.

2. The OLLS should consider developing appropriate feedback mechanisms in the various forums in which the OLLS holds its training in order to get more structured feedback.


The feedback mechanisms will have to reflect the various types of forums in which the OLLS provides training.

The Official Languages Law Section will consider the most appropriate way of developing feedback processes that reflect the various circumstances in which it provides training, knowing that most of its interventions are not done as part of the Department’s professional development program.

General Counsel and Director, Official Languages Law Section

December 31st, 2012.

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