Management Response and Action Plan

Project Title: Central Agencies Portfolio Evaluation

Responsibility Centre: Central Agencies Portfolio

Conclusions Recommendations Management Response Action Plan Responsible Manager (Title) Planned Implementation Date

Information sharing

Documentation indicates that there are mechanisms within the Portfolio intended to support information sharing. Based on the evaluation findings, there seem to be adequate opportunities for information sharing to occur at the management level, however, the downward communication of information from management to counsel is not consistent.

Key informants noted that the quality of information sharing within the Portfolio is dependent upon the environment within the individual LSU. This concern with respect to the adequate flow of information was supported by results from the PSES, which indicate a potential downward trend with regard to perceptions of information sharing from senior management to staff within the CAP.

Recommendation 1:

That the Central Agencies Portfolio explore mechanisms to improve the flow of information within the Portfolio, specifically from senior management to staff.


CAP is committed to exploring mechanisms to ensure that there is a downward flow of information from senior management to staff within the Portfolio.

  1. Increase yearly Portfolio staff retreats to 2-3 times per year to ensure that information is shared regularly with all staff.
  2. Encourage CAP Directors to share information with staff during their weekly team meetings.
  3. Develop a CAP SharePoint site where information can be posted and accessed by all Portfolio employees. Email, with link to SharePoint site, to be distributed to employees on a quarterly basis advising them to see “what’s new” on the site.

ADM CAP, and all CAP Directors/ Managers

March 31, 2017, and ongoing

iCase information

The Central Agencies Portfolio has been actively working to ensure adherence to the iCase protocol. Most advisory files now have the mandatory risk rating entered in iCase, however, in the majority of cases, the selected risk rating is “too remote to materialize in the near future”. While counsel explain that in many instances, they really are not able to determine the appropriate numeric risk rating of a file, the fact remains that the implementation of law practice management measures, such as assignment of higher risk, higher complexity files to more senior counsel, cannot be measured.

Recommendation 2:

That the Central Agencies Portfolio, in consultation with the Operations Policy, Planning and Innovation Sector, ensure that the Portfolio’s practices with respect to iCase data entry fully align with iCase directives and guidelines, with a view to better support ongoing performance measurement and evaluation.


The Portfolio will review iCase files that do not have a numeric risk rating to ensure risk assessment practices align with iCase directives and guidelines.

  1. Portfolio Business Data Analyst will run quarterly reports for files that do not contain a numeric risk assessment, and provide reports to Directors of each DLSU.
  2. Each DLSU will be responsible for reviewing the files contained in the reports and assigning a numeric risk rating, if appropriate.
  3. Portfolio Business Data Analyst will regularly follow up with Directors to ensure compliance with all of the iCase directives and guidelines, consulting with Operations Policy, Planning and Innovation Sector when/if needed.

ADM CAP, and all CAP Directors/ Managers

March 31, 2017, and ongoing


The evaluation found that approximately one-third of counsel describe the amount of training available to them, as well as the relevance of that training to their work, as excellent or very good. The evaluation also found that nearly the same proportion of counsel rate the amount and relevance of training available to them as fair or poor. Specifically, some respondents noted that more specialized and more variety of training was needed.

Recommendation 3:

That the Central Agencies Portfolio determine if there are ways of improving training opportunities for counsel with the view of better meeting their needs in this regard.


CAP is determined to improve training opportunities and foster an environment that favours and facilitates continuous learning and professional development for all lawyers, including providing training opportunities offered outside of the Department.

  1. Management will continue to promote internal and external training opportunities for their counsel on an ongoing basis, and, in particular, through the discussions that form part of the performance evaluation process and learning plans.
  2. CAP ADM and CAP Directors will continue to engage counsel on training requests and opportunities as they arise.
  3. CAP ADM Projects Officer will undertake a review and analysis of counsel’s training requirements, gathering information on more specialized and more variety of training opportunities, making recommendations, and following up with Directors to determine improvements in training.
ADM CAP, and all CAP Directors/ Managers

March 31, 2017, and ongoing

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