Management Response and Action Plan

Evaluation of the Integrated Market Enforcement Teams Reserve Fund

Responsibility Centre: Policy Implementation Directorate

Conclusions Recommendations Management Response Action Plan Responsible Manager (Title) Planned Implementation Date

With the IMET Reserve Fund limited specifically to extraordinary costs, few opportunities to access the Reserve Funds are a direct outcome of the limited number of IMET prosecutions.

A significant challenge that the Reserve Fund faces in fulfilling its objective is the absence of applications from Provincial Attorneys General.

The Department should explore the possibility of amending the Terms and Conditions of the IMET Reserve Fund to expand the scope of the criteria for admissible expenses.

The Department of Justice’s Policy Implementation Directorate should re-examine the intended outcomes of the IMET Reserve Fund with a view to ensuring that they can be realistically achieved.


The Department (through the PID) will engage with stakeholders to determine whether the limited number of applications for support under the IMETs Reserve Fund are a result of the terms and conditions being excessively narrow.

Through its membership in the IMETs Working Group, the Department will engage with stakeholders (i.e., federal and provincial prosecutors; and IMETs Working Group) to determine: (1) whether there have been potentially eligible IMETs Fund expenses incurred in prosecutions for which no Fund application was made and (2) whether there are expenditures which support the objectives of the IMETS initiative but which are ineligible for funding under the existing IMETs Fund Terms and Conditions.

Depending on the outcome of these discussions, next steps could include: (1) increasing awareness of the IMETs Fund to ensure prosecutors submit applications for eligible expenditures (2) recommending amendments to the Terms and Conditions to allow for funding of currently ineligible expenditures which nonetheless support the objectives of the IMETs initiative.

Senior Director, PID March 2017
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