Program Activity Architecture (PAA) for Fiscal Year 2012-13

Government of Canada Outcome Areas

A safe and secure Canada

Well-managed and efficient government operations

Strategic Outcomes

  1. A fair, relevant and accessible Canadian justice system supports SOCIAL AFFAIRS, A safe and secure Canada
  2. A federal government supported by high-quality legal services supports GOVERNMENT AFFAIRS, well-managed and efficient government operations

Programs, Sub-programs and Sub-sub-programs

  • Program A1 Stewardship of the Canadian Legal Framework supports Strategic Outcome A, and is supported by the following programs. Sub-sub-programs support the sub-program they are listed under.
    • Sub-program A1.1 Criminal Justice
      • Sub-sub-program A1.1.1 Youth Justice
      • Sub-sub-program A1.1.2 Illicit Drugs
      • Sub-sub-program A1.1.3 Victims of Crime
      • Sub-sub-program A1.1.4 Integrated Market Enforcement Teams Program
    • Sub-program A1.2 Family Justice
    • Sub-program A1.3 Access to Justice
      • Sub-sub-program A1.3.1 Legal Aid
      • Sub-sub-program A1.3.2 Special Advocates Program
      • Sub-sub-program A1.3.3 Court-Ordered Counsel in Federal Prosecutions
      • Sub-sub-program A1.3.4 Justice Partnership and Innovation Program
      • Sub-sub-program A1.3.5 Official Languages
      • Sub-sub-program A1.3.6 Contraventions
      • Sub-sub-program A1.3.7 Access to Justice in the Territories
    • Sub-program A1.4 Aboriginal Justice
      • Sub-sub-program A1.4.1 Aboriginal Justice Strategy
      • Sub-sub-program A1.4.2 Aboriginal Courtwork Program
  • Program A2 Office of the Federal Ombudsman for Victims of Crime supports Strategic Outcome A.
  • Program B1 Legal Services to Government Program supports Strategic Outcome B: A federal government supported by high-quality legal services.
  • Program C1 Internal Services supports both strategic outcomes and is supported by the following three Sub-programs. The sub-sub-programs support the Sub-program they are listed under.
    • Sub-program C1.1 Governance and Management Support
      • Sub-sub-program C1.1.1 Management and Oversight
      • Sub-sub-program C1.1.2 Communications
      • Sub-sub-program C1.1.3 Legal
    • Sub-program C1.2 Resource Management Services
      • Sub-sub-program C1.2.1 Human Resources Management
      • Sub-sub-program C1.2.2 Financial
      • Sub-sub-program C1.2.3 Information Management
      • Sub-sub-program C1.2.4 Information Technology
      • Sub-sub-program C1.2.5 Travel and Others
    • Sub-program C1.3 Asset Management Services
      • Sub-sub-program C1.3.1 Real Property
      • Sub-sub-program C1.3.2 Materiel
      • Sub-sub-program C1.3.3 Acquisition
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