Review on Official Languages 2015-2016

Governance of Official Languages

1. The institution has a distinct official languages action plan or has integrated precise and complete objectives into another planning instrument in order to ensure that its obligations with regard to Part VII (section 41) of the OLA are met.


2. Taking into consideration the institution’s size and mandate, performance agreements include performance objectives related to Parts IV, V, VI and VII (section 41) of the OLA, as appropriate.


3. Obligations arising from Parts IV, V, VI and VII (section 41) of the OLA, are on the Senior Management Committee’s agenda.


4. The champion (and/or co-champion), and the person or persons responsible for Parts IV, V, VI and VII (section 41) of the OLA meet to discuss the official languages file.


5. An official languages committee, network or working group made up of representatives from different sectors or regions of your institution holds meetings to deal horizontally with questions related to Parts IV, V, VI and VII (section 41) of the OLA.



Parts IV, V, VI & VII

The Network of Sectoral and Regional Official Languages Champions of the Department of Justice includes representatives from each portfolio, sector and division in the NCR and from the regions. The objective of the Network and its members is to support the Departmental Co-Champions in fulfilling their mandate, to provide leadership and ensure the creation of a bilingual culture founded on the spirit and letter of the OLA.

The Department Steering Committee on Official Languages is mandated to provide leadership in the implementation of the Department’s Official Languages Program and its official languages policy and directives, by coordinating departmental activities and responsibilities as they relate to official languages. The Committee meets at least three times a year. It is comprised of the Co-Champion of Official Languages and of those responsible for the Official Languages Act.

This Committee also provides a framework for the mobilization of senior managers and allows them to debate official languages issues of interest to the Department. The Committee periodically reports to the Executive Committee using the Co-Champion as intermediaries.

Parts IV, V and VI

When required, the Senior Official Languages Advisor consults the Regional Directors of HR and HR Professionals whose responsibilities include Parts IV, V and VI of the OLA. Furthermore, the Senior Advisor maintains a direct link with the Co-Champions for Official Languages.

Part VII

The Departmental Network of Coordinators Responsible for the Implementation of Section 41 of the Official Languages Act is one of the pillars of the implementation of Section 41 of within the Department. It is made up of Regional, Programs and Policy Coordinators, who oversee that Section 41 is implemented in their respective regions and sectors.

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