Review on Official Languages 2015-2016

Human Resources Management

29. Overall, the institution has the necessary resources to fulfill its linguistic obligations related to services to the public and language of work.

Nearly always

30. The language requirements of bilingual positions are established objectively. The linguistic profiles reflect the duties of employees or their work units as well as the obligations with respect to service to the public and language of work.

Nearly always

31. Bilingual positions are staffed by candidates who are bilingual upon appointment.

Nearly always

32. Administrative measures are taken to ensure that the public and employees are offered services in the official language of their choice when required by Treasury Board policies.

Nearly always

33. Language training is provided for career advancement.

Very often

34. The institution provides working conditions conducive to the use and development of second-language skills of employees returning from language training and, to that end, gives employees all reasonable assistance to do so, particularly by ensuring that they have access to the tools necessary for learning retention.

Nearly always


The answer to Question 36 refers.

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