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(No05 | June 2012)

CliquezJustice.ca: Legal information adapted to everyone’s needs

On February 22, 2012, the Association des juristes d’expression française de l’Ontario (AJEFO) launched the CliquezJustice.ca portal. Counsel Danielle Manton, Executive Director of AJEFO, discussed the new portal with the Newsletter staff.

Danielle Manton
Danielle Manton

Q – In a nutshell, what is CliquezJustice.ca?

ACliquezJustice.ca is a portal containing simplified legal information for Canada’s Francophone minority.

Q – Where did the idea for CliquezJustice.ca originate?

ACliquezJustice.ca is the continuation and extension of the Web site CarrieresEnJustice.ca, which the AJEFO launched in 2007. That site was mainly aimed at teenagers. We wanted to build on this project, add target clienteles, and diversify the fields of law and themes explored.

Q – Who is your target clientele?

A – Generally speaking, our target clientele is all Canada’s Francophone minority. That said, we have selected four specific target groups:

  • Youths aged 8 to 11
  • Teenagers
  • Francophone teachers working in elementary, middle and secondary schools
  • The general public.

Q – What type of information does the portal contain?

A – The type of information varies depending on the intended audience. The formats used are also different.

  1. Youths aged 8 to 11

    We have designed an interactive play space for this group. Children can browse this section alone or in class with their teachers. The section includes:

    • an interactive Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms that gives an overview of the main categories of the Charter, some definitions, and basic examples;
    • three interactive, user-friendly games that children can play to learn about – or learn more about – the right to vote, freedom of movement and the right to equality – the games are designed to maximize learning using simple and adapted vocabulary and attractive graphics; and
    • twelve legal-themed videos (e.g. the law, trials, democracy, separation of powers) to introduce young people to the area of justice.

  2. Teenagers

    The Teenagers section demystifies many justice-related careers. Teens can get a wealth of information, including a description of jobs and the schooling required for a career in justice. In addition, they can learn more on several areas of law (such as cyberbullying and taxing, labour law, social networks) under the heading Questions de droit, which is presented in question-and-answer format. The teenagers’ space also includes an entire section on the justice system, Canadian courts, the differences between civil and criminal suits, etc.

  3. General Public

    The General Public section builds on the themes presented in the Teenagers section. People can find information about various issues, including family law, immigration, estates and contracts. This section also contains answers to questions on the justice system and the courts.

  4. Teachers

    This section includes a search engine that teachers can use to access a series of innovative and engaging learning activities designed by AJEFO. The activities target students from Grades 4 to 12 and are directly tied to the themes taught in courses such as Career Choices, Citizenship, French, Science, History and Law, all in accordance with the Ontario Ministry of Education’s Curriculum Expectations.

Q – Is CliquezJustice.ca only for Ontario?

ACliquezJustice.ca is a pan-Canadian portal, so its scope extends beyond Ontario’s borders. With the collaboration of associations of French-speaking jurists in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia, the portal’s legal content will be validated and made relevant for each of these provinces. This validation process has begun and will continue over the coming months.

Q – Are there surprises coming on the portal?

A – Of course – but we can’t give them away yet! Over the course of the next year, AJEFO will work on developing new content and creating new partnerships in order to provide target clienteles with as much legal information as possible. We hope to make CliquezJustice.ca a veritable entry point for the entire Francophone minority population interested in justice or curious about legal issues. In fact, we encourage JOL Newsletter readers to send us any comments or suggestions they may have. To find out more about the project, visit the portal at www.CliquezJustice.ca.

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