Achieving Unityin the Interpretation of Federal Private Law: Legal Framework and Fragments of Judicial Discourse


This publication would not have been possible without the constant support and kindly supervision of my director and mentor, Professor Jean-Maurice Brisson, to whom I am deeply grateful.

It would also not have been possible without the patience and lively presence of Ada and Raphael, mis amores, who showed great courage and great love when the task of writing this study became as onerous for them as it was for me.

I offer my sincere thanks to my colleagues at the Department of Justice, Alain Vauclair, Francois Roberge and Marc Cuerrier, for their support and consideration, which was so important to my work.

Of course I also want to thank all of my friends and family who encouraged me, sometimes quietly, with their kind words and generosity. I am thinking in particular of Dean Nicholas Kasirer, who encouraged me to undertake graduate studies and then gave me fresh impetus by his generous expressions of confidence and friendship.

And I am grateful as well to the Faculte de droit at the Universite de Montreal for the assistance it gave me by awarding me the bourse d'excellence Louis-Philippe Taschereau for my master's degree studies. I would also like to express my gratitude to my publishers, Editions Themis and Christian St-Georges, for the independent thinking and great professionalism that characterize their firm.


This publication is the result of a course of study at the Universite de Montreal for a master of laws degree (LL.M.). The master's thesis on which this publication is based was unanimously accepted on April 18, 2007, by a jury composed of Professors Adrian Popovici (chair/rapporteur), Jean-Maurice Brisson (research director) and Jean Leclair (jury member).

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