Managing Contact Difficulties: A Child-Centred Approach



The authors appreciate the assistance received from numerous individuals during the preparation of this paper. The key informants are listed in Appendix A. We are grateful to the clinical members of the Families in Transition team for sharing their expertise, and Kathryn Kennedy and Janice Crymble for their word processing and proofreading contributions. Department of Justice staff, and in particular Cherami Wichmann, George Kiefl, Jane Gibson and Marilyn Bongard, provided helpful comments on earlier drafts of the paper. Cherami was supportive and enthusiastic throughout all stages of the project.

Most of all, we are indebted to the families we have worked with over the years, and in particular, the young people who participated in the 2001 Youth Consultations on the Divorce Act. Their experience of parental divorce inspires us to continue searching for ways to support children and youth through the process of family change.

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