Out of the Shadows:
The Civil Law Tradition in the Department of Justice Canada, 1868–2000

Appendix 2: Chronological Highlights

Years Events
1868 Birth of the Department of Justice.
1874 Arrival of the first civilian and Francophone at the Department of Justice.
1924 A second Assistant Deputy Minister’s position is created for a civilian.
1936 The Department moves to the Justice Building.
1939 The first woman lawyer comes to work for the Department of Justice.
1946 The Department acquires its first functional structure.
1952 Birth of the Civil Law Section.
1955 Guy Favreau arrives as Assistant Deputy Minister (Civil Law).
1960 Amendment of the Department of Justice Act to provide for the appointment of two Associate Deputy Ministers.
1960 Rodrigue Bédard becomes the first Associate Deputy Minister (Civil Law).
1962-1963 The report of the Royal Commission on Government Organization (Glassco Commission) is tabled. It recommends that legal services be integrated under the direction of the Department of Justice, and that decentralization be achieved through the creation of regional offices.
1965 The Department of Justice hires its first notary on a permanent basis.
1965 The Montréal Office is opened.
1969 The Official Languages Act is adopted.
1970 Paul Ollivier is appointed to the position of Associate Deputy Minister (Civil Law).
1976 The special report of the Commissioner of Official Languages is tabled.
1977 Appointment of the first civilian and Francophone Deputy Minister (Roger Tassé).
1978 The method of codrafting (or parallel drafting) is put in place.
1981 Establishment of the National Program for the Integration of Both Official Languages in the Administration of Justice (POLAJ).
1982 Alban Garon is appointed as Associate Deputy Minister (Civil Law).
1983 First agreement on the distribution of work between Montréal and Ottawa.
1986 The Civil Law Section becomes the Civil Litigation and Real Property Law (Quebec) Section.
1986 Anne-Marie Trahan is appointed as Associate Deputy Minister (Civil Law).
1988 Appointment of a second Deputy Minister with civil law training (John C. Tait).
1993 Creation of the Civil Code Section, to support the Department’s efforts to harmonize federal legislation with Quebec civil law.
1993 Notaries become eligible for the title of Queen’s Counsel.
1994 Mario Dion is appointed as Associate Deputy Minister (Civil Law).
1995 The Montréal Office becomes the Quebec Regional Office (QRO).
1998 Introduction of the first harmonization bill.
1998 Appointment of a third civilian Deputy Minister (Morris Rosenberg).
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