Representation for Immigrants and Refugee Claimants

Appendix 6 Interview Guide - Legal Aid Managers

Following is a list of the information we would like to obtain from legal aid authorities in Ontario, B.C. and Quebec. We already have some of this information, but not at the desired level of detail. Some of the information is more relevant to the Cost Drivers study than the Representation study. We recognize that some of this information may not be available. We should simply indicate to each of the legal aid authorities that we would appreciate any of the listed information that they are able to produce without undue difficulty.

  • Total cost for immigration and refugee law cases (certificates [including both private retainers and RLO] and clinics), broken out by
    • type of case (CRDD, IAD, Adjudication, CIC, FCC);
    • means of delivery (private certificate, RLO, community clinic, student clinic);
    • source of costs (lawyer, paralegal, articling students, interpreters, students, other staff, other disbursements); and
    • proceedings covered (e.g., refugee status determination, judicial review, detention review, immigration inquiry, post-determination applications to CIC, immigration appeal).
  • Comparative information on fees and disbursements based on means of delivery:
    • the number of certificates issued and total amount paid;
    • the number of immigration and refugee cases where fees were billed for paralegals, articling students or others; and
    • the number of bills received where interpreter time was billed as a disbursement.
  • Information re: immigration and refugee clients:
    • The proportion of cases immigration and refugee cases in which the principal claimant (head of family) is female.
    • The number of immigration and refugee cases in which clients (or families) sign pay back (loan) agreements, or agree to pay portion of fees.

The following questions are phrased generically. The questions may have to be adapted or elaborated to fit the different circumstances applicable to legal aid authorities in different provinces

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