Borders Conference - Rethinking the Line: The Canada-U.S. Border / Child Pornography on the Internet Session




Dr. Jacquelyn Nelson – Senior Policy Analyst, Ministry of the Attorney General of British Columbia

Dr. Nelson is a senior policy analyst with the Ministry of Attorney General of British Columbia. She has been with the Ministry of Attorney General for 12 years, and her portfolios include offensive material on the Internet, prostitution, hate crime, restorative justice and Federal/Provincial/Territorial justice policy issues. She has conducted research in the area of sexual exploitation of children and youth, and is currently co-chairing a national Working Group dealing with child pornography on the Internet.


Dr. Max Taylor – University College Cork, Ireland

Max Taylor is a professor of Applied Psychology at University College Cork (UCC) in Ireland, and has been head of the Department since 1983. He is also the director of the Child Studies Unit at UCC, which focuses on research, training, and policy to address the needs of vulnerable children. Professor Taylor directs the Combating Paedophile Information Networks in Europe (COPINE) project. Dr. Taylor's current work with COPINE involves the maintenance of a reference database on child pornography, the assessment of the dangerousness of paedophiles through their collections of child pornography, and the nature and incidence of child sex tourism and child trafficking in Europe. Professor Taylor is also a member of the Irish government's Internet Advisory Group, and the Working Group on Illegal and Harmful Uses of the Internet.


Sergeant Emmett Milner – Criminal Intelligence Service Canada

Sergeant Milner has been with the RCMP for 26 years, and prior to that he served with the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) and the Royal Hong Kong Police. He is the National Coordinator for the Sexual Exploitation of Children Initiative with the Criminal Intelligence Service Canada (CISC). In this capacity he has directed the formation of a national strategy to combat the exploitation of children, implementing guidelines for all law enforcement agencies in Canada, and has been instrumental in developing an international network to ensure that investigators around the world are equipped to fight exploitation through the use of the Internet.

Detective-Sergeant Wayne Harrison – Winnipeg Police, Vice Squad

Det.-Sgt. Wayne Harrison has been a police officer for 22 years and is currently with the Winnipeg Police Services, Vice Squad. He has investigated child pornography and obscenity offences since April 1996. He has been involved in over 100 investigations of this type. Some of these investigations included linkages with officers in various U.S. centres, Germany, Australia, and Sweden. Detective-Sergeant Harrison has been involved in training police personnel on issues of child pornography on the Internet, as well as making presentations at numerous conferences. In 1998 he received a provincial crime prevention award from the province of Manitoba Department of Justice for his Internet safety presentations. He is also a member of a Manitoba committee, which is advocating a change to the Criminal Code to make Internet luring of children for the purposes of sexual exploitation an offence.

Detective-Sergeant Frank Goldschmidt – Ontario Provincial Police (OPP), Project “P”

Detective-Sergeant Frank Goldschmidt has been with the OPP for twenty years. He has been with the pornography crime unit since 1991, where he is currently the senior investigator and is in charge of operations for the unit. Detective-Sergeant Goldschmidt investigates child pornography offences in the province of Ontario, many of which deal with computers and the Internet. He has worked in an undercover capacity on numerous occasions and is qualified by the Ontario court as an expert in the investigation and identification of child pornography and obscene material. Detective-Sergeant Goldschmidt is also actively involved in police training and has published manuals and guides for police relating to investigative techniques.

Andrew Oosterbaan – Deputy Chief for Litigation, Child Exploitation and Obscenities Section, United States Department of Justice

Andrew Oosterbaan is from the United States Department of Justice, Criminal Division, Child Exploitation and Obscenities Section, where he is the Deputy Chief for Litigation. Mr. Oosterbaan handles all criminal litigation for the section including investigations and prosecutions nationwide involving child pornography, child exploitation, child sexual abuse, trafficking of women and children for sexual purposes, obscenity, child support enforcement, and international parental abduction. He is also involved in developing and coordinating multi-district investigations and initiatives. Additionally, Oosterbaan manages the section's training program for prosecutors and law enforcement agents throughout the United States.

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