Canadian Law School Faculty Survey

Appendix B


To the Dean of the faculty of law

Please find attached a research survey that has been jointly sponsored by the Department of Justice Canada, and the Council of Canadian Law Deans.

The idea for this survey originated at a meeting last November of the Canadian Council of Law Deans (CCLD) attended by the Deputy Minister and the former Senior Assistant Deputy Minister, Thea Herman. At this meeting there was interest expressed in sharing information on research. In a later discussion between the Director of the Research and Statistics Division at Justice Canada, Dr. Roberta Russell, and Dean Michael Wylie (the current President of the CCLD) the idea of a survey was explored.

The attached survey is the result of these discussions. The survey attempts to canvass the research interests of all Canadian law faculty members. In doing so the final report will both identify the general research interests and activities in law schools, along with up coming publications and areas of research activity.

This survey is only the first component with regards to this initiative. The second component of this project will include updating the directory of research activities underway at the Department of Justice Canada. This will include a list of research projects at the Department of Justice, as well as a brief description of each research project.

Please note, it is important that the research survey be completed as this will provide a crucial link between the research at the Department of Justice, and Canadian law school faculty interests.

In essence this research will enable the Department of Justice, and law faculty members, to have easy access to legal and socio-legal contacts. Moreover, this survey will help provide a more complete picture of justice related research being done in Canada. Please be advised that a copy of the final report will be made available to all respondents.

Your faculty will receive an electronic copy of this survey. (A hard copy can be sent if you have problems accessing the electronic version) Please distribute a copy of the survey to all of your faculty members. Once the information has been collected feel free to send the responses back either via e-mail or by mail. However, please be sure that only one method of returning the surveys is used. Please return the surveys as soon as possible. The deadline for returning the surveys is August 31, 1999. (If it is difficult to meet the August 31 deadline because of summer vacations and busy September schedules, please submit the survey responses as soon as possible after August 31)

Please return the surveys by mail to:

Christopher Blain
Research and Statistics Division
Department of Justice
284 Wellington Street, Room 6072
Ottawa, ON K1A 0H8
Or by e-mail to:

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me either by phone or e-mail. (Phone: (613) 952-6415 E-mail: Thank you in advance for your co-operation. Sincerely Christopher Blain

Suggested distribution methods

There are at least two different ways to proceed once you have received the survey: 

  1. You can send a copy of the survey to each of your faculty members, gather the results yourself, and then send the information to Christopher Blain.
  2. A faculty member (maybe a vice dean) can be asked to go gather the information and send the results to Christopher Blain.

Once the survey information is sent to Christopher Blain, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. If you do not receive this confirmation e-mail, please inform Christopher Blain at or by phone at (613) 952-6415.

NOTE: Another possible survey distribution method is to send it to your faculty members and instruct them to return it directly to Christopher Blain at the Department of Justice. Even though we do not encourage using this method, it may be used if that is what works best for your faculty.


  1. The Research and Statistics Division includes experts in a broad range of disciplines including criminology, sociology, anthropology, education, statistics, and political science.

    Services provided by the Research and Statistics Division include; policy research, methodological advice, research and statistical briefs, data collection and analysis.

  2. The link between the work of the Division and the research interests of Faculty members of Canadian law schools is based on the following assumption;

    That the modern Canadian law school curriculum imparts to students the reasoning, insights, and principles that characterize the law. Without adding instruction in legal analysis and policy insights to training in legal skills the modern lawyer would be ill-prepared to meet the challenges of the profession.

  3. The purpose of this survey is to gather information on socio-legal and legal research in Canada. Please note also that from time to time the Department of Justice, Research and Statistics Division, contracts experts from the academic community and may use this survey as a source of potential consultants.


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