Canadian Law School Faculty Survey


We would like to acknowledge key contributors to this survey:

  • Dean Michael Wylie and Dean Joost Blom of the Canadian Council of Law Deans;
  • Dr. Roberta Russell, Director, Research and Statistics Division, Department of Justice Canada;
  • members of the Department of Justice Advisory Committee, including, Patricia Begin, Manager, Research and Evaluation, National Crime Centre;
  • Dr. Dorothy Hepworth, Coordinator, Child Support;
  • Julie Lovely, Senior Research Officer, Solicitor General;
  • Marc D. Reinhardt, Counsel, Intergovernmental Affairs and External Relations;
  • Dave Whellams, Counsel, Criminal Law Policy; the Research and Statistics Contracts Review Committee; and
  • most of all, the faculty who took time out of their already busy schedules to take part in this collaborative project.
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