Completed Access to Information Requests

February 2012
File Number Summary Disposition Pages Released
A-2010-01851 Emails from the Department of Justice or memos regarding the request for interview from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's program Enquête with federal Crown prosecutor François Lanthier on financial fraud cases. Disclosed in part 11
A-2011-00672 All documents from 1996 to 2006 regarding why Aboriginal people are in Canadian prisons, and what measures, at what cost, might be effective in reducing this phenomenon. Disclosed in part 2980
A-2011-00882 Records from January 1st, 2006 to September 19th, 2011 indicating in which jurisdictions s.159 of the Criminal Code is still considered to be in force and in which it is not. Disclosed in part 25
A-2011-01308 Case file for the $319,820 settlement of claims for damage to foreign government property, belonging to the United Arab Emirates, as reported in the 2010-11 Public Accounts of Canada. Disclosed in part 32
A-2011-01467 Supreme Court of Canada Insite ruling: previously released records, analyses, reports, briefings on the new test, any affected laws, new argumentation, and any harm testing methodology. No emails, Cabinet confidences, and first 5 hours of search only. Disclosed in part 79
A-2011-01506 Copies of all decisions by the Minister involving applications for review made in 2010 and of all applications for review made to the Minister in 2010 (only the arguments). Disclosed in part 12
A-2011-01550 Contracts between January 1st, 2009 to January 6th, 2012 for event planning services (ex: external training sessions, conferences, galas, etc.). I am specifically searching for event planning for which an outside company was hired to organize an event. Disclosed in part 45
A-2011-01563 All expense claims filed by Glen Jermyn (Deputy Director of the Aboriginal Law Portfolio) for the period of January 1st, 2011 to December 22nd, 2011: dates, amounts, descriptions and other related information. Disclosed in part 82
A-2011-01565 From 2008 up to the next fiscal year: financial plans, requests for financial resources from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police's Legal Services, organization charts, appointments and levels, as well as the language training of Debra Robinson, Counsel. Disclosed in part 539
A-2011-01568 All records held by the Department of Justice pertaining to discussions and submissions, made both internally and externally, which led to the military law exception being inserted into Section 11(f) of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Disclosed in part 2
A-2011-01609 List of all studies completed by or for the Research and Statistics Division between August 26th, 2011 and January 20th, 2012. All disclosed 3
A-2011-01657 Briefing Notes, Question Period notes and memoranda for Minister Rob Nicholson prepared between September 1st and November 30th, 2011 related to the appointment of Justices Michael Moldaver and Andromache Karakatsanis to the Supreme Court of Canada. No records exist 0
A-2011-01660 Final (or latest drafts) of documents for the Minister between June 1st, 2011 and January 24th, 2012 regarding divorce cases before the Ontario Superior Court of Justice involving same-sex marriage. Omit litigation documents and Cabinet confidences. Disclosed in part 3
A-2011-01664 Aggregate and annual statistics documenting the number of times that the Minister has issued an authority to proceed under the Extradition Act between 2000 and 2011. All disclosed 1
A-2011-01726 All information pertaining to Justice Canada's involvement in Steidman vs. Her Majesty the Queen from Royal Courts of Justice/Great Britain. No records exist 0
A-2011-01810 Study for the Research and Statistics Division entitled Credit for Pre-Sentencing Custody: Data from Five Canadian Courts. All disclosed 87
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