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Maintenance Enforcement Office (Saskatchewan)


Type de service
Exécution des ordonnances alimentaires

Services offerts
The Maintenance Enforcement Office monitors and collects support payments ordered by the court or agreed to by two parties. The Office registers, receives and processes payments. If necessary, the Office also enforces the payment of court orders or agreements for maintenance.

The Office also monitors and enforces payments for out-of-province parties. The Inter-jurisdictional Support Orders Unit works with similar units or agencies across Canada and in other countries that have signed reciprocity agreements with Saskatchewan. Support can be forwarded out of province for an out-of-province recipient, or it can be received from an out-of-province enforcement agency.

Projet pilote ou service permanent
Ongoing service

Ministère responsable
Ministry of Justice

Comment obtenir ce service
Anyone in Saskatchewan who has a court order or agreement for child or spousal support can use these services. Either recipients (people receiving maintenance) or payors (people paying maintenance) can register the order or agreement. For more information, call 787-8961 in the Regina area, and 1-866-229-9712 outside Regina. An information voice service is also available at 1-866-247-7838.

Bien que le Bureau de recouvrement des pensions alimentaires soit situé à Regina, il offre des services à tous les résidents de la Saskatchewan.
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English. Other languages as required.

Information is also available on the Saskatchewan Justice Web site at:

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Loi(s) applicable(s)/lois habilitante(s)
The Enforcement of Maintenance Orders Act creates the Maintenance Enforcement Office, and outlines the powers of the Director to enforce support orders.


  • Maintenance Enforcement Office
    100 - 3085 Albert Street
    Regina, Saskatchewan
    S4S 0B1
    (306) 787-8961
    Toll free: 1-866-229-9712
    (306) 787-1420 (fax)
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