Possibilities for Further Reform of the Federal Judicial Discipline Process

Part 4: Conclusion

Canada’s judiciary is justly renowned for its outstanding quality and integrity. Canadians are extremely well-served by a superior court judiciary that is professional, hard-working, diligent and competent, and that continually strives to serve the public interest.

The judicial discipline process is one component of a wider system designed to safeguard a strong, independent and high quality judiciary. While beyond the scope of this paper, it must be supported by a judicial appointments process that ensures that those who are appointed to judicial office are of the highest personal and professional probity. The two go hand in hand.

The Government is committed to ensuring a fair, transparent, efficient, and cost-effective judicial discipline process that holds judges to account for their conduct while respecting judicial independence. Only a process that simultaneously upholds these principles can command the confidence of the general public and the judiciary alike.

The Government welcomes the views of all interested stakeholders and members of the public on the questions posed in this paper. It requests that any comments be provided by August 31, 2016. All comments will be reviewed and considered before any amendments to the Judges Act are proposed.

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