A Message of Thanks from the Honourable David Lametti

A Message of Thanks from the Honourable David Lametti - Transcript

Hello, Team Justice! It’s a privilege to speak to you today. Welcome to my Hill office.

Everything has been looking a bit different over the past few months, in our workplace and beyond. But together, Justice Canada is still accomplishing important work for our legal and justice systems.

In the context of COVID-19, our department continues to deliver. We are providing access to justice, and giving Canadians the information they need to meet their family support obligations. We are working with the courts to support their operations. We are enacting essential legislation, including the COVID-19 Emergency Response Act.

The Government isn’t typically known for its ability to make quick changes – there are often many layers of approvals, meetings, committees, maybe some forms to fill out – but here we are, more agile, responsive, and innovative than ever before.

When our circumstances changed overnight, we changed as well. We’re trying out new platforms to stay connected with our teams and our clients, and we’re using this unique opportunity to build on what we had before to deliver something even better.

This year has been unlike any other, so it’s no surprise that your contributions have also been exceptional. I have heard examples from across the Department of employees going above and beyond to take care of each other, and to take care of people in their communities.

I want to take this opportunity to recognize the significant contribution that Justice employees make to Canadians, other government departments and the law – not just during a crisis, but every day. Thank you for all of your hard work.

I know that there have also been tough moments for every one of us, and I want to remind you that we’re in this together.

Right now, each of us is working in a unique circumstance, facing unique challenges. Maybe you’ve fallen into a routine, or maybe each day is unpredictable. Some of you are missing the busy hum of the workplace, while others are struggling to cope with a busy household. Keeping up with the latest news and recommendations can also be overwhelming at times.

Throughout the COVID-19 situation, each of you has shown resilience and adaptability. Now, as we begin to ease up on some of the restrictions, some of you are being asked to adapt all over again.

I can appreciate that more changes bring new worries. But you’re now equipped with new experiences and ways to do your work – you have demonstrated your ability to keep serving Canadians across the country, no matter what.

I’m so proud to share in the excellent work that you’ve accomplished as a Department during this time, the exemplary behaviour and commitment that you continue to demonstrate, and the positive results you are achieving.

Whatever office space you happen to be working in today, please know that your work is important, and that it’s making a difference.

Again, I thank you.

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