Message from the Deputy Minister

Message from the Deputy Minister Transcript/Captions

Hello, everyone!

I wanted to check with all of you, and to thank you for your incredible work.

So many things have happened since the beginning of this crisis.

I think that the biggest challenge has been trying to connect with each other like we used to. I miss seeing you colleagues in person, and I’m still figuring the best way to meet and talk with you personally, and this home-made video is a new thing for me.

I think it helps to know that we’re all in this together.

I must say that I’ve never been more proud of all the work of this Department—and of all of you.

Every day, you’re dealing with exceptional services, you’re delivering so many services for Canadians, for other departments and for each other.

No matter your role—drafting legislation, providing legal advice, supporting the IT system, making sure that the core business is still up and running, communicating with Canadians, communicating with employees—you all contribute to Canada’s Legal Team.

And you’re dealing that, and I know, while you have to deal with a lot of unknowns, and you have to deal also, to care for your loved ones.

As the Clerk of the Privy Council has said, we need to adjust to that new reality.

Some of us are very busy, confusing days, nights, weekdays, weekends.

Some of us would like to contribute more but the job doesn’t call for that or we have to take care of loved ones.

We should not feel guilty because of that. I hope and I trust that life will rebalance for each of one.

On behalf of the Minister, on behalf of the Associate François Daigle, and the entire senior management team, thank you. You are doing a wonderful job.

Please continue to listen to the public health authorities, stay connected with loved ones and, most importantly, take care of yourself.

Thank you and be well.

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