How to use the 2006 simplified federal child support tables

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Table amounts in force as of May 1, 2006

NOTE: This document provides general information only. If you want more information about the tables, contact the Department of Justice Canada. This is not a legal document. You may wish to consult a lawyer for advice on how the tables relate to your personal situation.

The Federal Child Support Guidelines include tables of monthly child support amounts for each province and territory, and the rules for calculating the child support amounts. These tables were updated and came into force on May 1, 2006.

These Simplified Tables provide an easy method to determine child support for incomes rounded to the nearest $100. They are based on the Regulation Tables, which give the monthly child support amounts in $1000 increments of income and a percentage to calculate child support amounts between the increments to be added to the base amounts.


The Department of Justice Canada has a toll-free number for information on the Guidelines. Call 1-888-373-2222. In the National Capital Region, call (613) 946-2222.