The Central Registry of Divorce Proceedings

The Registry keeps nation-wide records of divorce applications filed after July 2, 1968. If there is another divorce application involving the same two spouses, the Registry lets the courts know.

To enable the Registry to detect duplicate divorce proceedings, courts must let the Registry know of each divorce application they receive. They do so by completing a registration application.

The new registration application form comes into effect on March 1, 2021 to align with the amendments to the CRDP Regulations.

Once all fields are completed, the registration application must be printed. The Court must verify it to ensure it is complete and accurate, and send it to the Registry within seven (7) days of the filing of the divorce proceeding.

Ensure to verify that all fields of the registration application are complete and accurate prior to clicking the Print form button as this generates the barcode for the registration application. After being printed, information on the registration application form should not be changed. If corrections are required, click the Clear form button and start again.

Finding information about your divorce

The Registry cannot give you detailed information about a divorce or a copy of your divorce certificate. You must contact the court that processed the divorce application to get that information.

If you cannot remember which court processed the application for your divorce, the Registry may be able to give you the address of the court. They may also give you a reference number. You should give this number to court officials to help them find your file.

To contact the Registry:

If you ask for the information by telephone, please make sure you have the following information at hand when you call:

Finding information about someone else's divorce

The Registry may only give you information about someone else's divorce if you need it to enforce a law or if you have the consent of one of the parties.

If you qualify for those reasons, you must make your request in writing by filling out a Search Request and Consent Form (HTML) (PDF).

The consent portion of the form must be signed, except in specific situations explained on the form.