Divorce and Separation: Where to Start

This video guides families going through divorce or separation to a range of free family justice tools and products available on the Justice Canada website at www.Canada.ca/family-law.


Separation and divorce can be difficult, especially if you have children.

You may feel all kinds of emotions.

And you may feel stressed about the different decisions to make about things like parenting arrangements and financial obligations.

It is important to focus on the best interests of your children and to keep your children out of any conflict.

Federal laws apply to some family law matters.

Provincial or territorial laws apply to others.

It is a good idea to consult a lawyer to get help with your family law issues.

The Justice Canada website houses free resources to help parents work together to come up with the best arrangements possible.

Making Plans, the Parenting Plan Tool and the Checklist can help you make workable parenting arrangements that are in your children's best interests.

The What Happens Next publication and the Children's calendar can help your children understand and adapt to the changes taking place in your family.

Need help estimating child support?

The Step-by-Step guide, the Online lookup and the Simplified Tables are designed to make it easier.

And if you need information about spousal support and enforcing family support obligations, our website has information about these and other family law issues.

Our inventory of family justice services can help you find services in your area.

Please visit our website to access these helpful resources.